"Manage Your Business, not your IT"



For many years businesses around the world where forced to install and maintain complex software solutions, running on expensive hardware, in order to manage their company operations and access valuable data.

With Nubis, companies can now easily
- Automate business processes and increase productivity
- Make informed decisions faster, from anywhere, using any device
- Reach more customers and boost sales
- Reduce software cost of ownership up to 60%
- Move to a server-less environment
- Allocate IT time on internal business partnership
...through an all-in-one, easy to use solution!


Nubis Cloud ERP™ is a fully functional, multilingual ERP system, with social media connectors, extended BI functionality, built-in CMS and Document Management. Our automated provisioning and pay-as-you-go pricing offers fast deployment enabling you to run your business from Day One.

For IT professionals and Nubis Network Partners the development of further functions and modules has been accelerated through the Nubis Cloud Engine™ visual enviroment.

  • BITE Awards 2014 - International Expansion

    Nubis has been honored in the "Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2014"

  • We Know Your Business Is Unique!

    Work through our sharp, modern, adaptive UI and choose your favorite theme or just create your own!

  • Your own KPI Dashboard!

    You can easily create your own dashboard with unlimited KPI's or group them by Category!

Case Studies - Reference Customers


Άλφα Διανομές Α.Ε.

York Press


Nubis Cloud Engine™

Nubis Cloud Engine™ is at the heart of all our cloud applications.
Choose it as your starting product and enhance your experience by adding modules from the Nubis Marketplace.
Advanced users and IT professionals can also build their own modules and applications with no programming needed - simply using the Nubis Cloud Engine™ visual tools!
Build your own modules and upload them effortlessly to the Nubis Marketplace, license-free or under your own license.

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Nubis Cloud ERP™

Nubis Cloud ERP™ builds on the Nubis Cloud Engine™ with extensive ERP functionality to simplify company operations.
Processes like Customer Listing, Offering, Invoicing, Stock Analysis, Ledgers, Purchasing and Supplier Management are easy to run through our modern user interface.
The in-built Business Intelligence tools make reporting fast, visual and stress-free!
Features can be further extended with modules from the Nubis Marketplace!

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The Nubis MarketPlace is the online Solutions Store for our customers. Enrich your Nubis suite by locating the suitable modules according to your company needs and vertical industry.

Business On the GO

Designed from the ground up to work on-the-go, no installation needed!  You'll get the same experience from any device on the market!


Nubis products are cross-browser compatible: IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and many more. Choose your preferred browser and we'll enhance your productivity!


No need for mobile app downloads. Our adaptive interface senses your tablet and optimizes your experience!


Keep your company with you,
at all times. You can use our products from any smartphone!


Run our products through your browser on any PC or Mac


Nubis ERP - Invoices

Easily create a new invoice, add a new customer and a new product from the same screen.

Nubis ERP - KPI

Build your customized KPI dashboard, with live thumbnails and previews.

Nubis ERP - Calendar

Easily embed your calendar for a consolidated view of your activities.

Nubis users and Network Partners have access to a comprehensive gallery of voice-guided videos covering the extensive functionality of our products and keeping the need for support and training to an absolute minimum.

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Up and running from day one

 stay in control

 Build your business

 Reduce Costs

Up and Running from
Day One!

 Stay in Control!

 Build your Business!

 Reduce Costs!

Just login and get full functionality!

    No Installation Needed!
    From registration to creating your own invoices in under 10 mins!


    Extended BI Dashboard

      Create infinite KPI's and graphs through our intuitive drag-n-drop BI interface!


    Social Media Connector

      Reach more customers
      and easily manage your
      social media activities!


      Cut TCO by 60%!

        No software licensing and maintenance fees!
        No expensive hardware and maintenance costs!
        Pay-As-You-Go software as a service - we deliver the dream!

        Business On the GO!

          Run your company with any device! Anywhere!


          Your data is safe with us!

            Nubis security has integrated best practices into our ultra-secure cloud environment. Your company data is integral and safe!


            Built-in CMS and e-Commerce functionality

              Nubis includes an easy-to-use Content Management System, allowing you to easily develop
              and manage portals
              and e-commerce sites!


            Fully customizable and extensible

              Use our visual development environment to create new functionality (Menus, Forms, Transactions, etc) without writing code!


            CLOUD ERP™

            Nubis Cloud ERP™ PREMIUM allows businesses with up to 70 users to fully manage their company operations

            • 30€ per user per month
            • Customers - Sales
            • Suppliers - Purchases
            • Inventory Management
            • Ledger Management
            • CRM + CMS
            • Versatile Multilingual Functionality
            • Enhanced Reporting and BI Tools
            • START NOW

            CLOUD ERP™

            Nubis Cloud ERP™ ENTERPRISE is the ideal solution for organizations seeking to minimize their costs through an all-in-one flexible solution

            • Tailor-made subscription model
            • Nubis Cloud ERP™ PREMIUM
              functionality plus:
            • eCommerce Portal
            • Office365 & AZURE Connector
            • Social Media Connector
            • On-premise Option
            • Free Online Support
            • CONTACT US

            CLOUD ENGINE™

            Nubis Cloud Engine™ is the easiest way for Network Partners and IT Professionals to create their own cloud solution and make them available through the Nubis MarketPlace!

            • 20€ per user per month
            • Visual Development Interface
            • ServerLess
            • Full Platform Functionality
            • Full BI Functionality
            • Full API Access
            • START NOW

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            Contact Info

              Iroos Matsi & Archaiou Theatrou
            Alimos, Athens, Greece


              +30 211 800 9990

            ABOUT NUBIS


            Nubis is at the edge of Cloud App Development. The company has created an innovative cloud platform for managing data in a whole new way.

            Nubis Cloud Engine™, changes the way business and web site content is stored and managed. This new cloud platform is the framework of Nubis solutions and allows you to create functionality through an easy-to-use UI, keeping the need for programming to a minimum.

            Nubis Cloud ERP™ is a fully functional, multilingual ERP system, with social media connection, extended BI functionality and build-in CMS and document management flavours. Our automated provisioning and pay-as-you-go pricing, offers fast deployment reducing your company costs up to 60%.